Sunrise at Gran Paradiso – Leonessa Hut

Everytime I see the mountain view of Gran Paradiso from Cogne my heart feels at home. I spent my first 13 summers in this place and even after have travelled the world all over I did not find any place as beautiful as this one. Gran Paradiso National Park is the first National Park in Italy and the widest. Cogne is in the heart of this alpine beautiful Mountain Park and from there there are thousands of possible hike. The one we did with Mark and Maryl is one of the most classical and beautiful. We spent the night at bivuac Leonessa just beyond the Gran Paradiso peak. We could anjoy both sunset and sunrise just beyond the incredible Tribolazione Glacier and in this season which maybe is the best one.

Mark had hard time as he was maybe not expecting so much hard work but finally he could manage the hike and never stop smiling and enjoying. Seing the group of 10 of ibexes next to Casotto di sorveglianza was amazing as well as reaching the hut just for the deliciuos dinner at the hut. Tortellini, fontina, salami and nduja… not bad for a wild night in the middle of nowhere. Maryl was probably more prepared to the hike and could relax more and enjoy the landscapes in all its beauty. At Leonessa hut we met Fabio, a nice guy from Magenta and we spent the next day with him, doing the traversata dell herbetet till the Sella Shelter.



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