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Children wisdom come from their ability to live the present moment. Carpe diem like Oratium said, it’s easy to understand but very difficult to live effectively. What I noticed in my experience living with children in the forest between Thailand and Myanmar was that the children, was that thier happiness and joy came from this ability of thinking about the present only. When children grow up they are forced to think about their future, day by day every choice become more important till the innocence of childhood is lost. When human being start thinking about the future is not a child anymore. And when the human being start thinking about its past, she/he is finally an adult. This video is been recorded in the fantastic Moo Baan Dek Children’s Village School, Kanchanaburi, Thailand.


I admire and adore the joyful way of living of the children and I really think they have much more to teach than what they should learn. Thank you, children of the world, to give me the chance to came back for a while the joyful children I also was in the past. Thes children I met in the Himalayan expedition toward the Pisang Peak, in the Annapurna region.



Do not forget to ward the child which is living in your soul. The child is always alive, never do something just because it was decided. Always openminded the child recognize its feelings and follow what the heart is advising. Leave space to the child living inside of you beacause adults have much more opportunity in life but they are way more moring and unhappy! Be happy, be child!

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