Day hike in France From Turin

It was almost two weeks I was not in the mountains. I was extremely happy to come back as in these two weeks I moved house and it was the hottest days of the year, as Murphy Law teach us. So it was a wonderful opportunity to go with Simone reaching a peak. I chose the Signal du Petit Moncenis, because it was near and in a place where I have never been before. I prepared very carefully and the path was amazing. I had another time the confirmation that when the weather is cloudy the pictures comes out better as the peak has an incredible views over the Moncenis Lake and Val d’Isere and generally over the Vanoise National Park in the French Alps. From Torino you reach the Moncenis Lake in less than an hour and Simone was a great hiking mate. We spoke about everything, from mountains to relationship and the day flew away very nicely. The hike is a 1000 meters uphill and downhill trek in the mountain and the Peak of Signal du Petit Moncenis or Punta Clary was reached. Even if it is August and the weather was awsome we did not met more than a dozen of french hikers with whom we shared this marvellous experience. Thanks Simone and thank to the Alps that are without borders!

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