Tailor Made Tour of Mont Blanc

In order to overcome your limit and rise the bar of pain is part of a mountain experience. In this short tour of Mont Blanc I am pretty sure Ben and Debbie learned this lesson pretty well. We’ve been hiking for more than 3500 meters uphill and downhill in three long and hard days. Numbers though, sometimes are too little to describe. If you’ve never hike 1000 meters uphill you don’t know what does it means. Many people ask me how many miles or Kilometers their hiking holidays will be. It is the wrong question. The Alps are pretty though. Himalaya and Rocky mountains, but even Kilimanjaro… these places have mild hikes. If you come in the west alps near Turin, most of the walk you will do it is more steep than you think. Especially if you book a 4/5 or 5/5 difficulty rate in the trekking alps scale. The Short tour of Mont Blanc is scaled 5/5 and Ben and Debbie understood why. It is a continuous stress for your body if is not ready to do an exercise which is 5-6 hours long per day. You go to gym for 1 hour, you run for maybe two hours. But hiking last all day. And is not very easy to make an exercise for a full day hike. Though the Mont Blanc hike was wonderful, we were extremely lucky with the weather and we got amazing rewards in seing the Mont Blanc from different perspective and lights. We’ve enjoyed both sunset and sunrise and have walk in the rain for only 30 minutes the second day while we could have hiked in the storm. The hike was tremendous and I really enjoyed the company of Ben and Debbie. Thanks guys!

If you want to do this trel check the Tailor Made Tour of Mont Blanc.

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