Easy Trekking Gourmet – The tastiest holiday you’ve ever had

With Easy Trekking Gourmet, Trekking Alps wants to approach all the people who is willing to live the mountain environment without great effort. Mountain hiking is tiring and we think getting tired is important to really live the harsh environment of the Alps. Anyway many people want to relax during the holidays, so we prepared a trekking which is perfect also for those people who don’t want to spend all day long walking but enjoying also the cultural and the culinary aspect of our mother land. In this context Easy Trekking Gourmet was borned. The “hiking” is designed as follow:

  1. Visit of Sacra di San Michele – forest walk till Allan Primo Shelter (1-2h walk)
  2. Visit of Novalesa Abbey, XI century shelter of pilgrims – Moncenis Lake – walk till Petit Moncenis Shelter (1h walk)
  3. Forest walk around Levi Molinari Shelter (free walk, as much as we want)
  4. Visit of Exilles Fort – forest walk till Gimont Shelter (1h walk)
  5. Visit of Briancon village(France) – walk till Chardonnet (1-2 h walk)
  6. Forest walk till Re Magi Shelter (1h walk)
  7. Final relax and move back to Turin

This program is subject to changes according to your interests and requirements. Maybe you will be motivated to have a more challenging walk, and we will be able to have a trekking in some small peak. Or you will prefer to visit with more attention some place or you are not interested in some cultural spots we will change the program in progress. Every dinner will be done in the shelter where excellent mountain food is served. Lunch will be up to you if decide to have lunch in the restaurants or, if you prefer to save some money, enjoy a packet lunch waiting for the dinner.

Example of food we will enjoy?

Polenta with cheese, Polenta with salsiccia, Raclette, Bourguinnonne, Fonduta and of course all kind of italian Pasta. You can check yourself this delicious dishes in internet and in the gallery.

Easy Trekking Gourmet: culture, nature and excellent food in the Italian-French alps. Can you imagine a better holiday? Find more information here.

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