Nature and History in Italian Alps

Nature is not the only beauty of Italy: Italy has history pulsing in all its territory. Nature and History are the topic of this post. In italian mountains you can find a lot of historical places and villages. Near Torino, the Susa Valley is the easiest geographical connection with France. This valley is full of fortresses and castles where the French and Italians fought in the World War. And the “ancient” is present in a lot of villages in the mountains. Here thousands of farmers where living in very difficult situation (winter in mountain reach till -20°C) from Romans time till 50 years ago. Now most of them came down to cities but still the villages are there and some few old irriducible men and women. Coming to Italy is not only allowing you to live the Nature, Italy is house of culture and History! Come and Enjoy all the beauties that this majestic territory is offering! Walking in the mountains means, as in Nepal, meet people of another era, farming in harsh environment. And the beauty hiking in the nature is timeless.

The photos are related to nature and history in the valley up Condove, a small city at 40Km from the center of Turin. Here in some 20 Km you can reach 72 “borgate”; this small villages were lived by couople of family only! Enjoy Alps hiking in historical and natural places!



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