From Hawaii to the Italian Alps

When I decided to become an hiking guide I wanted to mix my favourite worlds: mountain and international environment. In any of my best dreams I could think to get in touch with such amazing diversity in people and multicultural experience. After Egypt, South Africa, China, India and US I was thinking that I could not have persons from further places. And instead in this May Hike I had the amazing chance to guide three girls from Hawaii togheter with Avi, a guy from Israel.

The weather was not particularly good the first day and I decided to go in a place that I know perfectly: the Molino hut in Ala valley. But with snow and in the middle of the clouds at certain point we were basically in a not-place where it was impossible to get to our hut. Thanks God, after a short while the clouds disappeared and I was able to spot the right small valley where we were supposed to go. After reached the hut another adventure was waiting our international group. The hut was more than half under the snow and we needed to dig for a while and then enter from the as described in the World Path’s article.


In the hut everything was fine with a bit of wine and genepy (typical mountain grappa) and after the night we had the chance to enjoy the amazing place where we were as the weather was wonderful. The Ala valley was great and we could really enjoy the Alpine environment which is quite amzing in May when the meadows are so green and the mountins full of snow. As you can see from the images we had a great time and we fully enjoy the landscape. We finally went to Pian della Mussa to have a beer in front of the magnificent Ciamarella and Bessanese. Many thanks to Vertical Life also for the cooperation of this succesful hike.



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