Marriage proposal from NY to Mont Blanc!

When Richard told me via Skype that he was thinking of asking the hand of girlfriend Natalie during the trekking oin the Italian Alps with me I was incredibly happy! I really wanted to prepare something special and I looked the best location for many days. And I thought that the Mont Blanc view was necessary for a marriage proposal!

Coming from New York to the Italian Alps for a wedding proposal is something I could not imagine and I felt it as a big responsability. Even in my best dreams I could not imagine something nicer. I left my office job because there was too less human contact and this is exactly what I was looking for. My work is to be happy and make the people happy!

Well finally everything was perfect. The weather during the “proposal day” was excellent. The place was absolutely amazing… So much that Rich and Nat told me that probably was the best place ever in their lives. I tried my best to make them feel comfortable and it was very easy because I found them extremely nice, talkative and it was a real pleasure to spend 4 days with them. We spoke about politics, philospohy… and family:) And it was certainly one of the most beautiful experience I have had as Trekking Alps guide.

Before the wedding proposal, sighting the Mont Blanc, Gran Combin and Grivola, we had a very nice time in the Alps next to Turin where we slept at Orsiera Rocciavrè and we woke up with the snow!

We also went to see the Sacra di San Michele and I cooked a quite delicious dish from Cogne: the wonderful soupetta!

Here you fin the pictures of our adventure in the Alps! And if you are thinking to ask your girlfriend to marry… think about Italy…think about the Italian Alps!


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