Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour

This Gran Paradiso Trekking tour was fabulous: 4 days hiking in the first National Park of Italy. The weather was perfect, the place is magical as usual and this Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour could not have ended better with reaching the 3630 meters of Rossa Peak of Grivola in a wonderful chilly day. The Alps from up there are just fabulous: we could see Matterhorn, Monte Bianco and of course Gran Paradiso and Grivola. But this final hike was only the cherry on a tasty cake. The company was very heterogeneous and funny. Lots of fun, crazy people (right Rich), nice couples and lots of interesting speeches was part of the trekking experience of this Gran Paradiso tour. We not only hiked together but we spent wonderful days as old friends even though there was people from all over the world: US, Italy, New Zeland, Latvia, Holland and Spain.

We spent two nights in the beautiful shelter of the Gran Paradiso National Park: Sogno and Sella. And in between we spent a night in a camping Stambecco in Valnontey. A new experience because of the high season it was not a good idea to occupy the unguarded huts that now are busy with alpinists and trekkers mountain hiking in the Alps. We’ve been trying the amazing food of Cogne (the soupetta, the Polenta Concia and the special Soup of Sogno hut) and we’ve been a very energetic and nice trek group from the first day.

This Gran Paradiso Trekking Tour gave me the chance to manage a bigger group than usual and I really need to thanks everybody for the collaboration and flexibility. It is not easy to have such a big group with different hiking experience and energy and being able to always stay together and feel good with everyone. Thanks guys! And well, I will personally never forget the auto inflicted punischment tour that Richard and consequently Ferran did in the night up in the Sella Shelter. Thank you guys for this wonderful trekking!

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