Team Building Business Trip Trek

When I was contacted by Don for organizing a Business Trip trekking tour for around 30 lawyers from London I was expecting a very moderate and pretty serious group of men and women around 50 years old. This is how the lawyers looks like in Italy. I definitively was surprised when I saw a group of very young guys up in the bus when I welcomed them in Italy. The group was extremely funny and we had a really nice time up in the Alps with them. I asked help to my friends Attilio and Ambra from Worldpaths and the choice was excellent. I really needed help because even thought he group was pretty prepared to hike being in three it was a very wise choice for this business trip trek.

When we woke up in the first day a thunderstorm was going on…. in the morning it is not exactly what you expect here in the Italian Alps as usually the storm can come in the late afternoon. But that was the start and at the end it was a luck. While we had breakfast in the fantastic GTA etape Les Montagnards the rain stopped and we could start our hike in this beautiful valley near Torino without the rain. The rain was supposed to be the main weather situation while we were very lucky in finding very nice landscapes and even rainbow and the spectacular Brocken Effect in the peak above the Gastaldi shelter.

Even if at the start of the hike some of us lived hard times, we all arrived at the 2600 meters of the shelter and even if we had a little bit of rain, mainly the weather was good. The second day it was a kind of similar conditions of the day before because it was heavily rain until 11AM but than a nice sun did appear and we could enjoy the beauty of the mountain at its best. Some decided to have an extra hike in the upland nearby with some glacier lakes and some other just came down the valley till the Rifugio Città di Ciriè where basically we had an extraordinary lunch before to come back again to the “Hotel” Les Montagnards in Balme.

It was a terrific experience for me to have such a large group and I really enjoy this Team Building Trekking. It was a real pleasure to guide this very nice group of lawyers coming from the same company in London. We drank together , we struggled together and we laugh and sang together as you see from the video. It was real fun!


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