Hiking Alps glaciers: trekking around Mont Blanc

If you thought that big ice mass are existing only in Himalaya, Patagonia or Antartica, you will have a big surprise! Check this video of speed flight down Mont Blanc. In 10 minutes these very lucky people glided from the peak of Mont Blanc (4810m), the higest point of Europe, till the base of the mountain. This is the Mer de Glace (Litterlarly, Sea Ice in french). Hiking alps.

Alps are not widespread as much as Himalaya or Patagonia for hiking but this amazing mountains do not have nothing to envy to these marvellous mountain ranges. Still many part are semi unexplored and very wild. Perfect for wild trekking and marvellous sereval days hikes. Actually the round of Mont Blanc is a 10 days hiking which is completed in less than 24 hours from the crazy people competing in the Mont Blanc Trail (http://www.ultratrailmb.com/page/36/Profile.html) 168Km and more than 9600m of positive altitude change. The race is limited to 2300 partecipants and now the inscriptions are already finished for this summer! I prefer to enjoy the beauty of mountain in a slow way. Lide is already very fast in all aspects. Trekking Alps attitude is slowness and sustainability.

No matter where you are from, come to visit Alps with Trekking alps. Hiking in the nature from 2 to 10 days according to your special needs and interests. Italy is the better place you can visit. No matter if you like history, you love tasty food or you are crazy about nature and wild enviroments. You will find everything here in West Alps. And trekking alps will organize you the best hiking of your life!

Enjoy nature. Join Trekking Alps!

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