Hiking in Gran Paradiso National Park

Hiking in Gran Paradiso National Park is something you will never forget. Experienced hikers, hiking and alpine guides as well as beginners all love this magical place. In the 1920 the beautiful ibex was closed to extinction. Due to the alarming decrease in the ibex population, in 1856, Vittorio Emanuele, the Italian King’s son, declared the Royal Hunting Reserve of the Gran Paradiso. There were 60 animals only at that time. Alone, the son of the king was not able to hunt all the ibexes and these fantastic animals succeded in repopulating. Finally in the 1922 the Gran Paradiso National Park was established and nowadays there are several thousands of these animals. The Ibex is not fearful and is very easy to spot him and admire it from small distances.

This wide area is the largest and the oldest National Park of Italy. There are thousands of paths: hikings and climbing in this region is something amazing. That is the reason why the name of the National Park is Gran Paradiso (Big Heaven in italian language). If you want to have an idea about what kind of hiking holidays you can have watch the video of the Danish Expedition we did with the heroic Morten. Danemark highest point is Møllehøj (at 170.86 m), quite different from the 3610m of Rossa Peak hiking. Nevertheless fatigue and tiredness were not able to stop the adventure: the hiking was completed and the restaurant reached on time: Cogne is most famous in ther region for its sublime cusine and to taste it after several days hiking was really an amazing experience. Technically speaking a “super, super, super” experience! visit www.trekking-alps.com and discover the beauty of the west alps in Italy!

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