Hiking Tour of Monviso

Monviso was named as UNESCO heritage this spring. This giant of the Alps(3841m high) is located in the south alps and is far higher than its neighbors. That’s why in the medieval centuries was considered the highest mountain of Europe. From Turin, its triangular shape is unmistakable. Hiking Tour of Monviso is a classical hut-to-hut hiking which is a highlight of the west alps and can be done with an hiking guide or self-guided. The hiking can be thought in many different way. It is possible to arrange 3 days short hiking as well as long trails of 8 days around this rocky mountain which peak only expert Hikers can reach. The choice of this magical group you can see the images was a 3 days hiking. Three days spend in the mountains, enjoying the Monviso from all possible areas. That is the final result. Tour of Monviso with trekking alps: Adventure, Nature and Silence.

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