Hiking in Italy: Gran Paradiso and Monviso

Grant contacted me in the first months of this year to plan a 7 days hike with his daughter Hannah and wife Andrea. I could not be more lucky to find such nice people to hike with. I decided to visit two different areas of the Alps in order to let them discover as much as possible. So I decided for two amazing trekking areas in the nearby of Turin: the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Tour of Monviso.

We were very lucky with the weather as in 7 days basically our raincoats laid in the lower part of our backpack all the time: the weather was just spectacular. With only the last afternoon of rain and the rest of the trekking sunny days or just some clouds that makes the scenery even more fascinating and amazing.

We visited two zone of the Alps and finally I other people joined the hike. In the images you’ll see Ellen and Frode from Danemark, Eva and Dominique from the Netherlands, Sahar from Iran and Laura and Tiziana from Sicily. Special mention for Elisabetta and Gabriele which helped me a lot in the organization of the trip.

This two hikes are perfect to explore the area of the Alps. They are quite far from each other and different even thought the settings are the same: amazing alpine environment. Gran Paradiso offer the glaciers that in Monviso sadly already disappeared but the flowers, the fresh air and the mountain wilderness is just amazing. I really love to live in the mountains and I really try to give my enthusiasm to the untouched nature to everyone is coming and so far I am quite happy as everyone seemed very glad of the hiking experience.

Being an hiking guide is not an easy job as it maybe could seems but definitly the kind of disomfrt and difficulties are adapt to my personality and dreams. I hope I found a way of life: walking the way.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals.”
― Albert Einstein[/quote]

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