Night Hiking in the Italian Alps

Hiking in the middle of the Night is a mystic experience! The forest is full of beautiful noises of the wind blowing in the leafs. It is necessary to know the way but the experience of night hiking is very pleasant. The idea was to break the routine of the week days spending every single hour outside of the office in the middle of nowhere. In the Italian Alps, more specifically in Orsiera Rocciavrè Regional Park. The hiking was more difficult due to the night, but satisfaction was double. Specially because the Balma Shelter has a very useful turbine which is ensuring light, heating and an electric stove! We cooked an amazing cheese polenta(a very caloric mountain food) and we enjoy stars and cold(-10°C) with an hot tea. After few hours of deep sleeping we enjoy the wonderful alpine environment during the sunrise. We did not see any animals even though many footprints were signaling presence of chamois, wild boars and stoats. Night hiking in a real adventure which can help the workers to enjoy 100% the free time and can make you feel as you are climbing in an expedition in Himalaya.



Anyway, wherever and  whenever you do hiking this is one of the best activity you can do: for both your body and your soul! No doubts about it! Come Hike with us. Experience the magical adventure of trekking in the alps. Visit adn discover all the hikes in the Italian Alps!


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