October trek in Orsiera Natural Park

October trek this year was awsome! I was licky to have the chance to involve in this hike a magnificent goup of people coming from many different place of the planet. And as usual the international environment made it possible to learn a lot of different things. Difference is richness: and we were definitley very different this time. In this  Orsiera hike we definitely had lots of things to learn each other. Among us there were people doing the most different and interesting stuff possible. We had psychologists, vegetarians, Palestinians, Israelis, adventurers, ecologists, Australians and much more… All together we had share a magnificent two days in this october trek, trekking in Orsiera, near Turin, in the Italian Alps.

I could not hope for a better company as everyone was so joyful to share his/her own experience with open mind and gruop spirit. We saw deer and chamois during the way up to the hut and we had an amazing sunny fall day in going up till the Orsiera Pass. We definitely had great time, having an international dinner in the hut and even if the “bramito” of the deer in the night woke us up many times, we were all happy to be into the wild for these two days.

We had different experience, different profession, coming from different continent with amazingly different context. And all this differences came out strongly positively and we could really had great time in the Italian Alps in this october trek.

Many thanks to all of participants of this super October Trek: it has been one of the more funny and stimulating hike I’ve had so far!

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