Best view of Fenestrelle Fort: Monte Albergian

The best view of Fenestrelle fort is certainly from Monte Albergian. This is from where you can best spot the famous fortess. Albergian is one of the most popular and higher peak of Chisone Valley and from up there(more than 3000 meters) the Fenestrelle Fort is just down your feet. Another great thing is that we could go to see the Fenestrelle Fort at its best view in an intense and challenging daily hike from Turin. Famous for its Fenestrelle Fort, Chisone valley is quite near to Turin and offer an amazing opportunity for trekking and hiking in Italy. Albergian is one of the hihest peak and is reachable in one day if you dare the challenge as Drew did in out last week Trekking in Val Chisone.

We entered in the forest going wild for a while as the path was not clear and I was not in the area since many years. I was confident that Drew liked the idea of a bit of adventure and this 19 years old guy did respect my expectation: he hiked hard and we were in the peak in less than 4 hours. Hiking for 1500 meters is not easy but Drew was ready for the challenge and we had a simply spectacular view from the top of Monte Albergian. We had a great weather as some small clouds made everything just much better. We had a clear view on the Fenestrelle Fort from the peak and we really could enjoy a lot of the Italian Alps. Even in one day Drew could understand how great can be to do trekking in Italy, especiallyu with Trekking Alps;)

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