Spring hike in Italy

It is difficult to choose which is my favourite season to go trekking. In this time of the year I can’t think of a better time of the year. Spring hike in Italy is just fabulous as the flowers are at its best at middle altitude and in the peaks there is still pretty much of snow. This time the spot of our adventure was Val Maira(Maira Valley), an amazing valley pretty much unknown but just amazing in Cuneo Province, in the north west Alps. The weather forecast was prett horrible so I choose this place where apparently less rain was about to fall. The marvelous surprise was that almost no rain at all have been fallen and instead an amazing view from the hut welcomed us.

The snow have been rapidly melting in this part of the Alps and we’ve been able to trekking until the 2980 meters of Monte Camoscere where we were just above everything. From there we were pretty close to Monviso peak and we had a very nice sunrise at the top of the world. We also had the time to explore the deepest part of the Maira Valley in Acceglio, Chiappera and towards the famous big Rocca Provenzale, a hughe 500 meters vertical rock formation which is basically the highlight of this surprisingly beautiful mountain valley of the Alps. The company was excellent and we really had great time in this marvelous two days spring hike in italy.

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