Thullie Hole – Spring Day Hike from Torino

As the spring is already exploded in the Piedmont Alps there are a lot of choices of where to go in our Spring day hike from Torino. The weather in this case was just perfect with a 20° Centigrades and fresh and nice air. The Air was vivid due to the wind that blowed the day before and we really had a fantastic Spring day hike from Torino.

The target was half historical and half naturalistic. Infact me and Artur, a very nice guy from Barcelona, we’ve been trekking to the Thullie Hole. The 500 meters tunnel caved by a single man, Colombano Romean, in the XVI century. He needed 7 years and the water that was supposed to bring from the other side of the valley is still coming after 600 years: he made history!

15 minutes after the hole, which is impossible to pass by in this season because of the water, we reached the 4 denti peak. 4 Denti in english means 4 teeth. And you can guess why this is the name if you see the pictures below. It’s a very nice and dramatic ridge with big vertical rock formations. In this day we had the chance to see a wonderful and bringht panorama in all Susa valley until France and the Chaberton peak. We also spot an ibex and after have eaten a slice of Pizza we came down fullfilled and happy about our day!

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