Switzerland: Eden on Earth

I simply cannot imagine a more beautiful placer than Switzerland. It’s an eden on earth: big clean meadows, huge cows, turquese rivers, cristal clear lake, green forests, rock jumps, huge waterfall and immense glaciares. What else you can desire?
So if you have the chance, go to visit Switzerland, a wonderfull place embedded in the center of Europe. Now that i visited Switzerland, I really cannot imagine how Eden it will be. Most probably will be in Switzerland:)

Life for swiss people seems very very easy. A lot of money and a lot of Natural paradise are guarded in this marvellous environment: the only problem with Switzerland is that you will most probably cannot avoid to envy Swiss lucky people. Switzerland: eden on earth.

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  1. Famous mainly for chocolate,clocks and cheese, it’s worty to go with Trekking Alps for another reason: to enjoy lakes and hikings in front of Eider and taking photos to wonderful waterfalls along the trip.


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