Travelling in the Italian Mountains

There are places which cannot be described but must be lived. Travelling in the Italian mountains in the Tour of 4000 meters is a very nice opportunity that Trekking Alps offer to all the people visiting Italy and in particular  the Italian Alps. One of the thing that make Italy one of the most attractive place to visit of the world is the fact that big mountains, sea, countryside, big historical cities are pretty near. In the Tour of 4000 meters you have the chance to be in the morning in the cable car called Skyway in Mont Blanc bringing you in Helbronner peak at more than 3400 meters and in the afternoon move to another area to enjoy the sunset in front of Monte Rosa and Matterhorn peaks.

In one hour by car you can move from one valley to the other and enjoy the fantastic mountains environments of the highest and most spectacular Italian mountains and not only. These mountains are among the best and more spectacular in the whole world. I have visited Himalaya, Andes, Pamir and many other mountain chains around the world and the Italian Alps have nothing to envy to any of them. Monte Bianco is just impressive and from Courmayeur is towering with its 4810 meters. There are a lot of choices of day trekking to reach wonderful spot from where to enjoy it. Matterhorn is also very spectacular in Valtournanche Valley, at the border with Switzerland.

Travelling in the Italian Mountains is a must for those who like the nature and the Tour of 4000 meters in Aosta Valley is a very nice way to see the most spectacular and high mountain chain of Europe. Gran Paradiso, Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, Mattherorn, Gran Combin and other big peaks are easy to spot in few day hikes with the headquarter of a wonderful bed and breakfast near Aosta.


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