Trekking: an Idea for Stop Smoking

When Antonello told me that come hiking with me was an idea for stop smoking I thought that I really like my job. When I was a child I want my granpa to stop smoking, and recently I was so happy my sister did it. If trekking in the alps will be ll be part of the success in keeping Antonello away from smoking that would be very nice!

I’ve never get bored thanks to my clients that always surprise me with new motivations for coming hiking in the mountains with Trekking Alps. The idea to stop the routine of everyday life with couple of days into the wild to stop smoking I think is a great idea indeed. And I really hope it will work because Antonello loves his family and they want him to be as healty as possible. And for sure this alps trekking in the mountains helped him to stop the routine!

We’ve been hiking in marvelous Clavalitè Valley, 150 Km north west from Torino. We did have two days of different weather. The first one, we had a cloudy, snowy, stormy day to reach the wonderful hut. The second day, the sky was clear and we could admire the amazing beauty of the mountains where we were hiking. We’ve been enjoying the spring hike a lot, with the Mount Tersiva always on the top of us and with the spring snow under our snowshoes. The spot is magnificent and I will definitly organize a 3 or 4 days hike in the summer, maybe reaching the Mount Tersiva which I climbed when I was 8 years old, and I still remeber the mountain landscape from up there.


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