Trekking with Children

It was one of the first experiences for me to do trekking with children. I must say I had a lot of fun but I also have to admit that Grant and Sam are not “normal children”. They were super motivated, very positive and excellent hikers! I bet most of the children can’t have all this positive features. And when i listen them speaking about the hike telling that “Yes, the Sistine Chapel was beautiful but this hike is much more cool…” I was really proud. Not of me but more proud about the place where I live, that is my home. I am so happy of the life I decided to live. Spending most of the time outdoor, enjoying the beauty of our magic land and spending all my energy trying to make the people happy, and most of the time with success according to the reviews I am receiving.

The fact that children can appreciate this place more than an amazing place like Rome or Venice make me feel very happy. Because what I hope to give to the people that decide to hike with Trekking Alps is that they bring home some experience they never forget in the Italian Alps.

The whole family was very positive and it was a pleasure to spend time with them. If this is the trekking with children I really hope I can do it often. Children has great energy and they are less cynical and more enthusiasts than most of the adults. I was also very lucky to find  other excellent hiking mates for this trek.

We’ve been hiking in Orsiera National park, meeting other people from Italy and climbing till the Orsiera Peak at almost 2900 meters. As we could not reach the peak with the family, we did climb another peak on the third day after the night spent in the very nice Agriturismo in Exilles, next to the Fort of Exilles. The peak is the Guglia Rossa at 2548 meters and is towering above Bardonecchia in Stretta Valley and is a typical Day hike from Torino if you want to have broad view over the Italian and French Alps. We finally had a very nice stop at the Orfù Lake near Salbertrand. In the emerald water of this lake Grant and Sam could enjoy the air ball and relax in the nice beach with the mountains in the background. It was a fabulous three days in the Alps, and I really hope to have more and more Trekking with children of this kind!


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