Australian VIP in a rough wild Hike

When Judy (fantasy name) wrote me that she and her partner were about to come in Torino and they were looking for a 2 days snowshoeing in the Alps I though they were backpackers on their twenties. Usually people do not write me with 1-2 days in advance. Someone is booking serveral months before the hike is happening. I even had someonve asking for a preview of cost for summer 2018. So, what I mean is that usually the people travelling improvising like this are students and backpackers.

So when I saw Judy  and John (fantasy name) I was a bit surprised. But I was litteraly amazed when they told me that “it is nice to go in the restaurant and not being recognized…” This is not my typical problem when I go to the restaurant, I don’t know about you, reader. By the way it turns out that they were a famous journalist of ABC(the australian BBC) and a politician(“just” the Chief Minister of a big region in Australia) and I was spending with them two rough and intense days in the total wilderness in the Gran Paradiso National Park.

I was truly impressed by them as a young and nice couple, very funny, easy going and enjoying every moment. This is not how I imagine VIP. I am pretty sure actually that VIP in Italy would never ever join an experience as we had in Soana Valley. The hut is nice but rough, there is a wooden stove but outside temperature was minus 15 degrees Centigrades and certainly the beds and blankets were not silky… By the way we had very nice talks, played cards and enjoyed some nice pasta with table wine.

The place itself was very beautiful and we also had an extra walk in the morning. The only creatures we met during our hike was chamoises. Actually plenty of them. And Judy and John told me how much they enjoyed the fact that chamois did not care how Very Important Persons we were. We were just persons and we really live this two days at its best, in a wonderful natural environment in the heart of the Italian Alps. Thank you guys! It was a mermorable Hike!

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