Norway Fjords in the Italian Alps

In the Alps as you already probably undertood if you follow this blog there are places that could be from all over the world. This chapter of the “Travelling the world in the Alps” is bringing you in Norway. In particular in the norwegian Fjords. The real place is a hughe lake (actually in the French territory) which is only one hour by car far from Torino. In that one hour it really seems to be in another part of the planet. The huge Lake of Moncenisio is a hidropower station and is located at more than 2000 meters in the middle of the Alps between Italy and France.

It was a great day of sun and it was wonderful to enjoy these landscapes in great company and without much of wind or too much cold. We did reached the border and we’ve been hiking as long as we could before enjoying wonderful salame, cheese and local foods in this wonderful environment. In this plateau there are lots of Fortresses, memory of the war between Savoy and French. It is a wonderful area not only from a naturalistic point of view but also trekking here is very interesting from an historical point of view.

It was several years I was not coming here in winter and it really remembered me the Norwegian Fjords as it is so impressive to see such a big mass of water in the middle of the snow. But these are the Alps. Amazing tresures are here and it is amazing to discover new landscapes every day, even for me that I know them so well.


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