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This is the first post of the hiking alps blog  which offers hiking guide service in Italian mountains. The aim of the blog is to group all the mountain and nature lovers and let the world discover the beauties of italian Alps. In this blog I will collect all the activity linked with mountain and more in general with passions. It is importanto to know that Italy is not only the land of the tasty food, the high-class fashion and extraordinary culture history. Italy is a very beautifull country with mediterranean weather and many different natural enviroments. Moreover the 4 seasons ensure very different  amusing opportunities according to the time when you visit it. www.trekking-alps.com offers personal hiking with a professional hiking guide, specially designed on the needs of the clients. hiking-alps.com will let you “taste” the magical enviromets that you can find in the west alps. Trekking-alps is not a standard travel agency. The starting dates, the number of days and the difficulty of the hike are discussed personally in order to provide the best service possible! Please do not hesitate to contact trekking.alps in the website www.trekking-alps.com and you will enjoy fantastic holiday in the wonderfull italian land!

Join Trekking alps and enjoy Italian Alps!

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