Winter Adventure in Europe

If you want to live a real winter adventure in Europe you are in the right place in the web. Trekking Alps borned in 2012 for letting the world discover the Natural beauties of Italian Alps. And this is possible all year long. Yash and Diwani from India join the winter hiking adventure and we really enjoy a wonderful 2 days in the west Alps. For Diwani was a first time ever but she was really tough and she could handle the challenge showing how hiking is suitable for beginners as well. The weather was excellent even if the temperature was quite cold in the unguarded hut. We firstly crossed the forest in a 3 hours hiking reaching the high flat land near the shelter. We had a nice time there thanks to the fire place and we had nice food cooked in the fire and we had a marvelous sleep while the stars where watched over us. To live a winter adventure in Europe is not so easy as the territory is very anthropic, but know how to make an adventure here in the Italian mountains. Italian Alps are famous for skying in winter but there is nothing like living a wild adventure in one of the hundreds of valley in the north west Italian Alps. It’s not Himalaya but it is a wonderful place where to take a long breath of fresh air.





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