Winter hiking in the Alps

The winter hiking in the Alps, more specifically in the Viu Valley has definitely been one of the most exciting adventures so far proposed by Trekking Alps . If the weather should have been in our favor with sunshine and mild temperatures we did not considered a variable that has definitely had an strong impact on our winter hike in the Alps. The wind. Bossy, cheeky (meaning it was slapping our body from all over) and jarring. It created what is called a snow storm: the wind lifts the snow fall far in the atmosphere, creating clouds of snow as high as hundreds of meters with winds around 70 to 80 km / h . Walking was sometimes impossible and often we risked ending up on the ground to the lash sudden coming from everywhere. This is not so unusual given the altitude of over 2500 meters for this winter hike In the Alps which undoubtedly was a real adventure in the mountains. As you can see from the video and the Attilio’s photos, the situation was particularly extreme.

As usually happens in the mountains, and even more in such extreme conditions of winter hiking, up there  no matter who you are , what kind of life you do, no matter the thoughts and fears that accompany your everyday life. There is no space for the wishes and hopes for the future and it does not matter if we have  some problems with our past decision and regrets.The storm was the perfect place where to concentrate over the present, living the life hundred and ten percent. All thoughts flowed into simple take a step after another. Breathe and try to stand up. Reaching as soon as possible the goal of our winter hiking in the Alps. In search of that nice and cozy San Camillo unguarded hut rising at 2720 meters above the sea level.  The hut, due to the hydroelectric plant, has graced us with his heater, so valuable on a night like this. The San Camillo unguarded hut is one of the few huts with heating of this area of the Alps and having the light was a much appreciated luxury. Especially with the wind “knocking” violently the door all night long.

For the section “World Tour on the Alps ” we can easily say we lived an experience similar to those that can be imagined in Alaska. As mentioned thanks for wonderful pictures and for the nice company the friends from the World ‘s Path.



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