Winter Hikes in the Italian Alps

This is the first winter post of this year and here are described some winter hikes in the Italian Alps. As I am pretty busy in many hiking and other activities I shared with you two different hikes I did in the recent days. As you see from the pictures the post is about two different hike in very different conditions. Nevertheless the pics are only two days of difference one each other. This makes you understand how hard is to predict how a winter hike will be. The sunny pictures are taken going towards the Arp Shelter where I will spend my 31 of December.

The day was wonderful and due to the hard snow there was no need for snowshoes in this winter hike. The landscape is glorious and the whole Aosta Valley is shown from this marvelous spot of the Alps. The winter trek was held few days later with the nice company of Diego, Sam and Spencer. We did really a great job to reach the Noaschetta hut which is usually one of the easiest hike I propose with Trekking Alps. Not this time. IOn two days more than 60 cm of snow have been falling and we need to open our own route in this big carpet of powder snow. It snowed for the whole 2 days and we really had a big group teamwork to reach the shelter. We than enjoy a ” bit” of wine playing cards and starting our Chirstmas holiday in the best way possible. Another few pictures are from the day hike in Sacra di San Michele I did on the other day from Turin. That was also a very nice day, much more relaxing and enjoying the view of the mountains. Three winter hikes in the Italian Alps in one week, so different from each other that appear to be in another continent. This is winter in the Alps.

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