Escape from London – the Alps are closer than you think!

London is “the” city in Europe. Among the many advantages of this wonderful town, there is the connectivity. And Turin and the Alps are very easy to be reached out from London city. So this is an ideal Escape from London. Many londoners come to the Alps in winter to skying. But even more interesting than skying, hiking in the Alps is also very accesible and possible all year round. So, in the last years so many clients took a flight and coming from London for a week end of  hiking in the Italian alps.

Escape from London: How to reach the Alps

London has a very good connection with the airport of Torino Caselle(TRN).  Right now 4 flights a day reach Torino from London. 3 British airways flights come from Gatewick and one flight comr Stanstead(Ryanair). If you travel cheap the Ryanair flight is a great opportunity as usually the cost of the tickets is quite low. If you move with time, and you organize a small group, the cost of the full weekend can be less than 300 euro, everything included.

We are very convenient to come to pick you up at the airport in case you want to start your hiking tour right away. So your escape from London in the weekend will be very convenient. So you can even take your flight arriving in Torino on Saturday morning and leaving Sunday evening(after 7PM usually).

The hikes can be tailor made upon your will: it can be a very tough and adventurous experience but also a luxurius and romantic 2 days sleeping in some fancy Inn in the Alps. Just contact us and we’ll organize for you the best possible experience.

Escapes from London for Corporate trips

If you are looking for a corporate trip we organized already few events of company based in London. We are able to organize for you the bus and everything what you need. Again, just contact us via email at and we’ll get to know each other.

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