Hiking in Spring – One if the best period for the Alps!

Is it possible to do mountain hiking in Spring? Most people think that mountains are enjoyable only in Summer, when in the city it is too hot, or in the winter, where ski is one of the most popular activity to do. But this is very unfair. Mountains are great all year long and I experienced in my life living at the door of the Alps. I experienced the Alps all year round and I cannot say which season I do prefer. But certainly, I think that the concept of “high season” it does not make sense. Hiking in Spring is differently beautiful in the same way as it is in winter, summer or fall. Every season have its own features, plus, and minus. Hiking in the Italian Alps is possible all year round and it depends what you prefer.

In this page, I describe the beauty of Spring. Hiking in Spring can be very different. If you will come in March you’ll have for sure a snowy trek. And even though the days are way longer than in the winter months, the temperatures can be very cold, especially high up in the mountains.

In April it varies from season to season but again most probably you will need to use snowshoes if you want to hike the Alps above the 2000 meters.

Different is the situation in May. The spring is exploding and most of the snow is melting in this month. The waterfalls are enormous and the Nature explosion does not have a comparison… Hiking in Spring it is a wonderful experience and if someone tells you it is not possible don’t believe it. Come to enjoy a trek with Trekking Alps and we’ll let you discover how beautiful is the Alps in the Spring period. Moreover, because most people think is not the right season, you’ll have more for yourself all the incredible Natural Beauty of the Italian Alps.

May is also one of the best periods to spot wildlife. As the winter has been so long, the tired animals go down the mountain to enjoy the first green grass. And they are often too tired to be worried about human being. That means that they are less alert and is more easy to spot them. I am speaking about chamois and ibexes especially. But also the wolf and other animals are in the easiest season to spot.

May is also the season for Black Grouse to mate. The amazing arena of this phenomenal animal is something you can enjoy only in this season, early after sunrise. So, beauty is just here to wait for you. Come hiking in spring in the Italian Alps. Contact us at info@trekking-alps.com and tell us what you are looking for.


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