Susa Valley and Trekking Alps on The Boston Globe!

The hike in Susa Valley looks like any other: I did not have idea that Michael was a journalist. He wrote me as everyone did, from the contact form of the website that he wanted to hike in the Alps starting from Milan. Milan is a big destination for Italy even though honestly I think it is one of the worst one. It is the most “fast” city of Italy, the one representing modernity and fast-paced: fashion, luxury, drinks and night life. Basically Milan represents the idea of the world further from Nature and Tradition: the idea that we try to take care with Trekking Alps. If you did not get that yet: I don’t like Milan.

By the way, in order to “save” outdoor enthusiasts coming to visit Milan I create a page to attract people coming from Milan for hiking. The reason why many people come to Milan is that is the more active city in Italy. So most of big businesses in Italy are in Milan. Plus, Milan is great for marketing so they “sell” their selves very well. But once you get there, you realize how very little in terms of tradition and nature is there.

Milan, as every city in Italy, has the good side that is not far from many beautiful places. And within 50 minutes you can be in Turin by train and than in another 50 minutes very away from the modern world: up in the mountains. So when I brought Michael and Reza (a nice Iranian-American guy who join us) I did not imagine that I was under test and that Michael could have been a big megaphone for my business of Hiking Guide. Reza and Michael feels very comfortable each other and my remember about that day was just a pleasant easy beautiful day of work.

Val di Susa, Susa Valley, is my home, and I am happy and proud to let people know the wild beauty of this valley!

So you can imagine my surprise when I received an email from Michael asking me the permission (…) of writing about me on the Boston Globe the 14th most read newspaper in the US. It was November and I brought them in the valley where I live: Susa Valley. In particular we’ve been to see the incredible Tunnel of Colombano Romean, a 500 meters hole caved  by hand with an pike by this guy alone in 1500 hundred. The area itslef is very beautiful with many fortresses witness of the many wars as the Alps have always been a border territory. The Susa Valley was theatre of many wars between Italy and France and before that, between the different family on power who has their own kingdoms and duchies. It is a very rich area in terms of culture and wildlife(check this video about it).

So finally here it is: the article about our Trek in the Alps wrote in the Boston Globe! Over here you can see the pictures I took on that day.


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