Bachelor Party in the Mountains

What an amazing idea! A Bachelor Party in the mountains. More precisely a Bachelor Party in Gran Paradiso National Park. Giorgio called me few months ago to organize this trip for his brother Paolo and after all the preparation the day finally arrived. The day before Paolo had a pretty hard time in the night life of Torino with his great friends taking care of his Bachelor Party in the city. They visited Torino, eating good local food and having a great night in one of the nicest disco of Turin. Said so, at 11AM they were(kind of) ready to hike with me. We were joined by Attilio from World’s Paths that made somw of this beautiful pictures(pretty sure you can guess which ones as he’s so good in mountain photography).

The spirit of this group made the hike really wonderful. Some were beginners, some expert but they enjoy the challenge and the hike in Gran Paradiso. The day was perfect and it was as a Alpine Safari. Ibexes, chamois, marmots and a very nice Fox were all over. We spotted any possible wildife and it was a great prize for the tired and hangovered group. In the Sella we had another nice party. We met two nice canadian girls and a nice couple that joined our Bachelor Party in the mountains and we drank all kinf of possible alcool: wine, genepy and finally the famous Grolla dell’Amicizia(Friendship Bowl). It was very nice time and the shelter managers were very kind with us. The group was very energetic and we had amazing chat about whatever arguments.

Finally we went down to try the superb soupetta, a typical Cogne dish from the mountains with Cheese and rice and we head back home. More a party than a trek but that was the idea of this Bachelor Party in the Italian Alps. It was just fabulous!

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