Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso Trek

The Hawaii reputation is pretty good. When Luca, an Italian doctor, wrote me about the hike in Monte Rosa area I was pretty sure it would have been funny. But I could not imagine how lucky I was to share few days with him, his friend and work mate Tarquin and their daughters Olivia, Marilena and Giuliana. We also had the special guest in Zaira, a very nice and smiling Indonesian lady in the last two days. The weather in the Monte Rosa was very good. We did avoid an amazing hail storm eating hot chocolate in a bar before reaching the end of Ayas Valley, at the bottom of the massive Monte Rosa glaciers: Capanna margerita, Castore Peak, Polluce peak and many others very famous big peaks of the west Italian Alps.

Once we start hiking all the clouds went away and once we reached the Lago Blu we basically jumped in as you see in the video. The Lago blu is named blu for a reason! It is an amazing place with wonderful landscapes all over. We spent a fantastic night in Ferraro shelter where Fausta was just adorable with her food and joy for life. We than moved to the other part of the valley where another very cozy shelter was waiting for us. Excellent food, great hospitality and great location for this shelter wich is part of the famous trail running race Tour Des Geants. We also reached the Punta della Croce peak at almost 2900 meters in the evening before another amazing dinner.

As we were far from being tired we did reached also another peak in our trekking in monte Rosa: the Trecare Peak at 3033 meters where we enjoyed a majestic view of the most famous 4000 meters peaks of the Alps: Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, Gran Paradiso and also Monte Bianco. It was unbeliavable mountain experience even for me that I am used to such landscapes. You can imagine how happy they were this enthusiasts group from the Hawaii. After a night in the nice bed and breakfast in Aosta, we moved togheter with Zaira to Gran Paradiso National Park.

Here we did trek in a fantastic lateral valley where the flowers, the rivers and the marmots just enchanted us. Unfortunately a bridge have fallen and we could not reach the unguarded hut that we planned to reach. We collect all the energy and good will and we hiked down to the small mountain village of Lillaz where another big dinner was waiting for us. The hike at 8.30PM was just remarcable as the light was so beautiful that even if we were exausted we were able to enjoy every steps. The last day we just relazed playing minigolf in Cogne and enjoying a beautiful trek in Valontey valley where we spotted the Gran Paradiso peak.

This is what we did but believe me I fell so lucky to have spent these days with such nice persons with whom we easily had wonderful conversation and spent joyful funny days togheter: Mahalo!


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