History Trek of Italian Alps

In this History Trek of Italian Alps we’ve visited some of the most important fortress and tranches of the Alps. Susa valley was the main corridor to go from French Alps to Italian Alps and even Hannibal could have passed here coming from Africa. There are a lots of testimonials about the wars that have been fought here between Savoy and Dauphin and between Italy and France. Lots of Fort have been build by one side and now it’s on the other side of the border. In this trek with the fantastic couple, Rob and Sandy, we visited this magnificent valley going not only the Nature and the beauty of the Alps but also meant to explore the history of the Italian Alps.

We’ve been to Fenestrelle Fort, to the Exilles Fort and to Pramand Fort between Susa and Chisone Valley sleeping in a very authentic and traditional agritusimo in a small village(borgata) very near the Exilles fort. We’ve also climbed the Vallone Peak at 2436 meters and see the famous Thullie hole(Pertus di Colombano Romean), the famous hole caved by a man in the XV century. We’ve spoke a lot about Basketball and not only about trekking and nature but also life’s priorities and interesting philosophy of life: in the mountains and in the city. Rob discover the taste of Genepy(a great liquor of the Alps) and the home-made cuisine of the Agriturismo of Exilles.

It was a real pleasure to guide Rob and Sandy in these History Trek in the Alps. It couldn’t be a better company!

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