Camping in the Alps with a Mountain Guide

If you dream white beaches and crystal clear water you don’t need necessarily to flight in a Caribbean, Polynesian or far east Country: you can also go hiking with a local mountain guide in the European Alps with Trekking Alps. What we’ve found in the middle of the French alps very near to Briançon was stunning. The Acension lake and Escure lake water was amazing and unexpected. The lakes are settled in the middle of green meadows at 2500m of altitude. The meadows are populated by nice marmots and very few persons are visiting this remote valley. The area is full of mountains and people living there are few. That means that even though the place is a World Wonder, you will take advantage of it in a quasi-solitude state. Maybe some eagle or some sheppard as it was for us. No more. This is the advantage of living the wilderness, also in the middle of Europe.

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  1. When summer is too hot and too mosquitos beat in your room, the best strategy is free camping in a tent in the middle of the green lawn that surrounds Ascension Lake, where sheep are more lazy than insects and only marmots force you to have a run for a whispered hug ;D


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