Trekking, hiking and exploring the Italian Alps

Some people doesn’t like simply to lay on the sun and relax in their free time. Some people will is to take advantage of the vacation in a even more lively and active manner. That’s the people for those Trekking Alps is! Hiking in the alps is tiring and even exausting. But nevertheless there is nothing like hiking in a peak, overcome a pass and discover new scenarios, new lands. The photo are relative to the last excurision we had in the italian and french alps. You can discover yourself in walking. Many piligrims are doing hiking travel in Santiago de Compostela, driven by faith. But you do not need faith to feel part of the universe immerse in the Nature. And Alps are a wonderfull occasion for living an amazing experience even with you children and relatives. Or alone. The experience can be strong and difficult. But stronger will be better will be your remembrances. Something you will keep guarded in your heart forever.


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  1. August 18, 2013
    For September 2014
    I have a group of 20 senior hikers who are interested in hiking the Italian Alps. We have hiked the Swiss Alps 3 times, and our 4th time is Sept 4-20 in 2013, already booked & confirmed. Moderate hiking daily for 10 full days, plus one day arrival and one day departure, total 12 days. Staying at family-owned hotels, half pension (breakfast & dinner). No backpacking. Day hikes.
    1. What itinerary do you offer, starting with arrival at Milan airport
    2. What would be the approximate price range for September 2014 ? Land cost.
    3. Any other information?
    Grazie, D.C. Thiry


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