Climbing the Alps: Torre d’Ovarda

Climbing the Alps is an activity which is outside of Trekking Alps range as it’s a job for alpine guides. Soon we will cooperate with Alpine guide which will be able to bring you in the top mountains of Europe such as Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso and many others. The images of today come from the less famous but still very beautiful Torre d’Ovarda, in Viu valley, Piedmont region.

This beautiful 3000 meters mountain is usually inaccessible in this season but due to very warm weather of this november has been possible to climb without any problems. The starting point will be at Alpe d’Ovarda, at around 1900 meters up Lemie, a small village in Viu valley.

The climbing was set as F, means easy climb(Facile in Italiano). We just needed to follow the small stones post that were quite easy to spot all over the place in the south wall of Torre d’Ovarda. We needed 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the peak and almost 3 hours to go back. We spotted a lots of Chamoises(the path is called chamois path) and many ibexes. We were alone into the wilderness and that made it even better. From the Torre d’Ovarda we were able to see lots of hughe mountains such as Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso, Croce Rossa and Monviso.



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