Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps – Tete Blanche

Hike a 3000 meters in the Alps in November is something you’are not expecting usually in the month of November. But this November was extremely warm and the snow melted in the south faces of the Alps. This autumn was just spectacular for hiking and this week end we decided to go to conquer an amazing 3000 meters in the Italian Swiss Border. The Tete Blanche is 3413 metrs and offer an amazing view over the Alps.

We started from Ollomont valley, a beautiful valley north of Aosta, in the north western Alps. Saturday’s hike was quite exausting: 1400 meters of uphill walk. We meet a buch of Ibexes and a Golden Eagle. The Chiarella hut appeared us at the top of a rock wall at 2900 meters. We reached it just before the dark covered us all. An amazing, amazing sunset was just spectacular as you can see from the pictures. This novermber hike was so promising!

But to hike a 3000 meters in the Alps is never easy. Especially in late November. In the night a strong wind looks like it was about the make the shelter fly away! In the morning the snow coming from switzerland was roaming around as a snow storm and the wind, calmed down only around 9AM. We anyway reached the peak, even though we could not enjoy the whole view. An excellent reason why to come back in this fantastic place!

The 2000 meters of downhill made our toes suffering quite a lot but it definitly worths! Fot the bold one the Tete Blanche is a perfect “easy” 3000 meters to hike between Italy and Switzerland!


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