SFG Hike 2018 – Corporate Trip Hiking in the Alps

For this 2018 SFG Corporate Trip hiking in the alps, we start organizing everything from november 2017. And from that moment it did not stop snowing up in the mountains. We also had a very wet spring, with lot of thunderstorm and an amazing quantity of water falling every day.  There have been a record of more than 8 meters of snow fallen at high altitude up in the Alps! For this reason I was a bit worried that the Corporate trip hiking in the Alps I had in mind was not possible due to heavy snow. Ok that a team building trip in the alps need some challenge. But disappear under the snow is maybe a bit too much. Eventually the 1st of June with still a meter left of snow, it would have been hard to reach the hut. But finally summer arrived and in the following 2 weeks most of the snow melted and and the hiking trip have been succesful! The gap from the city of London and with the high pace of life compared with mountain life in Gran Paradiso National Park it is hard to imagine.

We were also pretty lucky to meet a very nice heard of male ibexes before they would leave to the very high peaks. We also spotted marmots and chamois, in our personal Alpine Safari.

We had days of sun and nice temperature and the snow was not a problem. Gran Paradiso is at its best in June and the lansdcape was just breathtaking. The company of lawyers coming from London enjoy the wine, the beers, the genepy and finally the friendship bowl. The perfect end for a team building trip that I think really worked in terms of sharing, spending time together and join a challenge. We did have a proper hike with 2 days with almost 1000 meters of uphill walk hiking in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park. One of the most beautiful place on Earth. Thanks guys. See you next year!

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