Where to hike in Italy? Dolomites or West Alps

Italy is arguably one of the most beautiful destination for your holidays. Culture, good food, great cities, nice people and also incredible Nature. Mountains in particular are the sanctuary of Nature togheter with the coast of the south and some remote Islands.

There are two main mountain chains, the Alps and the Apennines. The Alps are one of the most beautiful mountain range of the world. And even though the Alps are more famous in Switzerland and France, the Italian Alps have even more to offer you.

Now the question of this post: where is better to hike in the Italian Alps.

The Dolomites are the most famous place as they offer great accommodations, easy hikes and incredible rock climbing walls. The west Alps on the other side are more wild and offer the highest peaks of Europe. So if you are looking for an easy going vacation or just a rock climbing holidays you should choose the Dolomites. But if you like nature and you’d like the wild place, than there is no place like the west Alps. Hiking in the west Alps is a very intimate experience. Only couple of places are famous world wide, so you can enjoy the amazing beauty of the Alps all alone. My answer to this question is: I love the Dolomites but I like too much the Nature of the west Alps. Hiking in the west Alps is Nature at its best!

The Italian west Alps offer amazing waterfalls and among the biggest glaciers in the Alps. Unfortunately also here the glaciers are retiring fastly. A reason more to come as fast as possible for hiking Alps before the glaciers will disappear completely, which can happen around 2050.

In any case, Dolomites or West Alps, come to Italy. For sure I can tell you one thing: food is better here than anywhere else:)

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