COVID-19 – A Message for All of You

COVID-19 - A Message for All of You 1

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is changing our lives. In Italy we felt it particularly hard but unfortunately, this is hitting the whole World. We have to patient. We all have to stop for a while what I personally like the most: traveling and meeting people. It is not easy.  Luckily I have a wonderful family to spend time with and a beautiful home where to pass my spring and grow some food(which will be very important in these months). The mountains itself could be a safe place, but injuries are not an option now. The hospitals are sadly full of people so even if I would like to go into the wild, I will be very conservative about hiking. Italy lock-down started the 9th of March and will be followed by many other Nations soon. Hopefully as soon as possible: the first we all stop, the earlier this nightmare will end. Changing life for a while can be useful: there is much that we can learn from this. Our fast life sometimes must be questioned. This is what I am doing and one side of me is very happy about the fact that air is cleaner and Nature is way happier with us blocked by the virus. How we live is probably not sustainable and we have to rethink our style of life.

Me and my colleagues live of tourism and for us it will be a very tough period. We are all professionals and we do not have contracts to keep safe our economic situation.

 It will be a hard time for many but we keep the faith that this storm will someday pass and we’ll be able to go back to our beautiful job. And hopefully, we’ll stop giving for granted our wonderful life and we’ll value it even more. Hopefully with even more respect for Nature… which can get rid of us if we do not behave well… that’s my feeling.

So the message if you’ve been a Trekking Alps client or you end up here for the first time and you’ll like to be our guest in the future: stay safe, live simple and see you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile a big hug for all!

Roberto Calcagno

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