4 Excellent Reasons to Choose Italian Alps

Most people associate Alps to the Swiss Alps. Or maybe French. Or what about a Ski winter in Austria…. Italian Alps are less famous and ridiculously underrated. And even though I am completely biased by being born in Italy, and in clear conflict of interests, as I run a Trekking business in Italy, I will try to argue why you should choose the Italian Alps over any other country. I would start with this important concept: in terms of Nature there is not a better place than another around the Alps. Alps are a gorgeous creation of Nature and the beauty of the mountain is crystal clear everywhere. I have been traveling to most of the mountain ranges of the world like Andes, Himalaya, Pamir, Caucasus, Patagonia,…. The Alps have nothing to envy to any of these mountain ranges. The plus and the minus at the same time, of the Alps, is thatise more anthropized. That means much more culture, easier access to amazing deep mountain places. The downside of it is that nature is not immaculate as in another part of the world. That is why, an important part of the trip trekking, hiking, and climbing of the Alps is culture. It would be a pity to come here and do not appreciate the cultural aspect of the Alps.

Italian Alps have worst Marketing but they are more authentic

So, clarified that in terms of Nature there is not a better choice than another(everywhere is beautiful, in a different way), the reasons why you should choose the Italian Alps laid in culture and practical aspects.

The 4 reasons why I argue that the Italian Alps are the best are the following:

1. Food is Better

For the point number one I would not even bother to explain. In Italy food is better. Full stop. French might claim something but honestly their way of handling mountain lodges are still much more rustic than in Italy. In Italy if you do not have amazing food your business will fail. that bring amazing quality of food everywhere.

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2. Italians are more fun

ok maybe this might be “arrogant”. But again… it’s true. Swiss/Austrian are more cold and northern european. Plus they are richer, so they do not treat tourists and traveller with the same warmth than in Italy. French are not worldly reconginezed for kindness. Probably only Slovenian Alps can claim the same wamrth and joy. But the food there is worst:)

4 Excellent Reasons to Choose Italian Alps 1

3. There is fewer people and it is wilder mountains

This third point brings also another nice and interesting point: wildlife. In the Italian Alps, which are less anthropized than the Swiss, Austrian and the French Al,ps it is easier to spot animals as they have more space to roam around. Actually, because there are few people living in the mountains in the last tens of years, the number of the forest grew and now the number of deers for example have been increased. The most famous animal of the Alps is the Ibex and they all come from Italy. In the Gran Paradiso, there was the last colony of around 80 animals in the XIX century. The king of Italy made a hunting reserve and slowly the number of this beautiful and charming animal have been increased. So now, especially in May-June it is quite easy to spot them.

4. It’s way cheaper

Of course, this will depends but well, Switzerland costs as everything is goldy there and French and Austria are basically richer countries. So Italy and the Slovenian Alps have more affordable prices.

4 Excellent Reasons to Choose Italian Alps 2

You can be interested of Mountains for many reasons: Adventure, Good food, Wildlife, Mountain Landscape photography… You will find all of these in the Alps. Contact us and we will organize for you the perfect holidays at affordable prices.

So again, this article is absolutely questionable and biased. But these are my true opinion and if you like to have a real adventure and enjoy mountain cultural aspect of the Alps join one of our trek. It is a small group or 2-6 people and we’ll become friends. As the testimonial page witness:)



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