A Hiking guide in Quarantine – Update

Hi everybody.

I wrote a post in the Trekking Alps blog about 40 days ago, at the start of the quarantine. We were supposed to have a lockdown for about 3 weeks to get rid of the virus, but of course, it was not enough. And now we passed the 40 days that make a quarantine…. a quarantine!

So now I am happy I reached this milestone. I would have felt bad if I would end my life without a quarantine. Now I know what is it about thanks to Coronavirus. Thanks Covid. It’s ok, you can go now:) You took enough lives, created enough mess, destroyed our fragile certainties. You remembered us we are just a spit in the history of Nature and we might go away in a snap of fingers. So thanks. Message received(at least I spoke for me). You can really go now!

In Italy restrictions are quite strict: we can go out from the house only alone and not further than 200 meters beyond going to buy food and drugs. And even if I and Elisabetta have an amazing situation, with a big house full of stuff to do and the possibility to even have a new passion in gardening, the quarantine is honestly boring. And what I realize is that the boring part does not only come from the lack of things happening to your life. Not meeting people do not provide the normal amount of news, stimulus, and excitement that our life before Covid had. I miss my life but also in other people’s life.

Another thing I notice I miss is that I am suffering the Lack of Come Back.

I ‘ve always loved to come back home. It is often the best part of any trip, even the most phenomenal. Why? Because home is a physical and physiological headquarter, is where my family is, where the dust settles when all my enthusiasm and joy have brought me to travel, meet, hike,… live. Home is the most important of all. It is where I recharge my batteries. Where I feel safe and relax. Where time is less important. Where my Love stand.

And now, for the first time in my life I have to recharge my battery from charging the batteries:) I need(or better want) things to happen in my life. Things that will make a home again a nice safe place to come back at. And not the only place to be for such a long time. I am not complaining and I feel we are very spoiled by our free-west-democratic-consumeristic life. That is why “need” is not the right word. I need water, I need food, I need to sleep and I need Love. But you know, lately we shifted the meaning of need. So when we want or wish something we pretend we need it and I am part of it.

And this is another lessons I learned from this period. I hope it will end soon even though I don’t need it: I wish it!

Un abbraccio,


Here I post some pictures of our home and the beautiful 200 meters around it:)

A Hiking guide in Quarantine - Update 1

A Hiking guide in Quarantine - Update 2

A Hiking guide in Quarantine - Update 3

A Hiking guide in Quarantine - Update 4

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  1. Hope u and Elisabeta are well and can soon resume the work you do so well.
    Having experienced it first hand we can say how much Shri and I enjoyed our two hiking holidays with you.
    Take care
    Oosha and Shrikant Rao


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