Hiking Rossa Peak in the heart of Gran Paradiso National Park

The first time I reached the 3630 meters of Rossa peak I was 7. My father tested my mountain attitude the year before and my enthusiasm brought him to bring me hiking there.

After many years Rossa Peak is still one of the most beautiful hiking peaks I’ve ever reached. There are several way to reach the top of this peak which is in the real hearth of Gran Paradiso National Park: you can choose to sleep in a proper shelter or in an alpine unguarded hut (which is called bivacco in Italian language). In both case, the rewards of the summit worth thousands times the effort and the fatigue you need to bring your body there.

The place itself is one of the most idyllic natural beauties in Italy. Gran Paradiso National Park is the eldest and the bigger natural park of Italy. The small village of Cogne is the head quarter and the best starting point for many different difficulty hiking. I’ve spent my youth’s summer and winter there, playing in the bush and climbing up the peak with my father and my friends. After 20 years I still feel Cogne as my second home, a place which welcome me and my dreams in a special way.

Among the thousands of trekking possibility, hiking till Rossa Peak is maybe the most difficult choice you can do if you are not an experienced climber. The final ridge, often full of snow and ice is quite exposed and those who suffer dizziness for big high differences may not reach the peak. Nevertheless, even to reach the pass before the peak it is already an amazing goal for everyone.

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