From India to the Italian Alps

Eating Indian curry in a mountain hut on a trek in Piedmont is an amazing emotion. Amazing like the rest of the wonderful feelings of the hiking with Puja and Karthink in Orsiera Rocciavrè Park, in Italian Alps. Maybe the highlight of the tour was waking up in the morning with a family of ibexes. Including the quarrel between brothers  and dad who reproaches them with its long horns. The mountain, considered from the point of view of this very nice Indian couple with whom I shared these wonderful three days, is entirely new. The stones become insurmountable obstacles and even climb more mundane become real challenge, especially because they brought definitly the wrong shoes. Time expands and the blueberries and raspberries of that the Orsiera Rocciavrè park offers  is food that feeds and not just a funny joke.  It ‘s very nice that they chose the Alps rather than Rome or Venice. And I do not think they’ll forget easily the fatigue, but also, and perhaps above all , the sunset from 2,600 meters of Madonna degli Angeli Chapel, and the cozy fire of the bivouac Laus.

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