Rocciamelone International Mountain Expedition

Hiking around the world is an amazing experience. I personally like very much our mountains in the neighbourhood of Turin. You can find many different environments, landscapes and difficulties. This time we choose to explore the high mountain enviroment of highlands at the end of the Lanzo Valley with the main target of Rocciamelone Peak, in Susa valley. Despite the trail was far from being easy and despite the different experience, age and nationality of the partecipants, the Rocciamelone Hiking Trail was a success. We all handled the difficulties and we push ourself till completing the entire planned trail.

Reaching the peak was a kind of shock. After three days where we did not meet a single person a part from the shelter guardian, Rocciamelone welcomed us with tens of people coming from Susa Valley, the easiest valley to reach from Turin and the most populated mountain valley of the region. Walking for many days into the wilderness of Lanzo valley can be a very spiritual experience in being alone in front of the magnificent Nature creation. That’s how I lived the experience and that’s why I love Nature and Mountains. That’s a window over a timeless experience: something very rare in our busy and practical lives.

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