Wild Trek in Italy – International Expedition

This wild trek in Italy was a spectacular example of the opportunity of the Italian Alps. Nics is a thai lady and is been spending 2 years in Europe for her studies. When I asked you what was her favourite part of Europe she looked around saying: “thi nii” which means in thai language “here”.

I am very proud of letting the world discover the most remote valley of the Alps. There is a problem of people running away from these valleys because there is no jobs and is hard for young people to adapt to this kind of environment far from everything. Nevertheless these are among the most beautiful and remote wild places in Europe. A fantastic wilderness spot for trekkers and adventurers. Here in Lanzo Valleys you can walk for days without meeting persons and it’s a joy for soul and body to spend some days up in the Alps here.

We did a 4 days ring pretty spectacular sleeping in unguarded huts and in a very nice “Posto Tappa”(in between an hotel and a shelter) in Balme called Les Montagnards. Here we had one of the most amazing dinner ever. We did spot different wildife and generally we had different environment in this 4 days of adventure in the Alps. The Trekking tour started and ended up in Usseglio in Viù Valley. This wild trek in Italy was a truly interesting experience also for the international partecipants: Italy, Bulgaria, England and Thailand. We had such a great time in the third hut Playing CG. It was such an ilarious night! I really want to thanks Diana, Nics, Victoria and Barbara. We had such a great time togheter and I really hope they will remember this wild trek in this remote part of the Italian Alps forever.

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