Hard walk in the Alps

This is the story of an hard walk in the Alps! It is difficult to understand what everyone is looking for in the Alps when they write me. Most of the time people over estimate its physical shape. Sometimes they come completely unprepared and unequipped. Not this time. The hike we did with Gidoz and Ehud was pretty hardcore. They come extremely prepared physically and psychologically. I understand this from the first steps and I was happy that the hike at Robinet peak was flexible and there was an hut higher than the expected Balma hut. So we reach Balma in couple of hours and my hiking mates were pretty sure to keep till the peak. It was a hard walk in the Alps as we needed to hike for a total of 1600 meters of positive gain and the last 600 meters was with snowshoes with soft snow.

By the way Gidoz and Ehud were super strong and I guess I was the person more tired when we finally reached the hut at 8PM. We enjoyed the fantastic view of Chisone Valley and all the Maritime Alps in south and Monte Rosa, Matterhorn and Graian Alps in North. We did spot couple of chamois and we slept as baby in the chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli at almost 2700 meters.

The way back was much easier as the video shows.

We had an incredible two days pushing ourself to the adventure. It is always nice to reach a peak, but the most important is to challenge ourselves to keep trying to improve, understanding that the most important fight is with ourselves. And that is something that in the mountains you usually understand pretty well. Thanks to Gidon and Ehud for this marvelous hard walk in the Alps!


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