The Importance of Snow

It was several years of not abundant snow in the Alps. Last years in the dolomites alsmost no snow have been falling and 2 years ago till the 1st of January the mountains of the Alps where snowless.

This year finally it changed! In December an incredible amount of snow have been falling and still is continuing. The precipitations are crucial for the health of the land. Snow means storage of water for all year long. And having a slowness winter can be a disaster. In october/november we had no rain at all and the forest up in the Alps where under attack of fire. The aquifer were dry and the vegetation have nothing left to be fed. Finally this winter brought us a decent amount of snow. I would say exceptional for the late years. And I can’t be happier than this. Of course in therms of hiking it means more risk of avalanches and limitations in terms of altitude. But still the hikes can be magic. We have been hiking at -16 degrees with 1 meters of snow fallen in 1 day! We’ve been in white hike for several days and it was an incredible experience. We have to respect the planet where we leave. And even if sometimes affect our personal we have to think about the health of the incredible planet we live in. Hiking was harder with the snow. It was more difficult to spot animals and we had to pospone or cancel couple of hikes. I got sick because my body was not used to this cold. But I am still extremely happy beacuase I know the Mother Earth need this water. And she will needed for the next months when the hot weather will come!

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